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DBG and GEA Partner to Empower 3200 Women-Led MSMEs for Sustainable Growth

In a collaboration for economic empowerment, Development Bank Ghana (DBG) has partnered with the Ghana Enterprises Agency (GEA) through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed in June 2022. This strategic partnership is geared towards the upliftment of women-led Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by enhancing their business capacities and driving sustainable growth.

As a significant component of the MOU, DBG and GEA has organised comprehensive capacity-building programs tailored for MSMEs. These initiatives are designed to address the challenges that often impede the growth prospects of these enterprises. By equipping them with essential skills and streamlining their business processes, these training programs aim to accelerate their development.

One of the primary goals of this training is to enhance the technical competencies of these MSMEs and optimize their operational efficiency. By doing so, DBG and GEA intend to improve the product quality and productivity of these enterprises. This, in turn, will create employment opportunities, enhance livelihoods, and contribute to broader economic growth. This multifaceted initiative, known as the Enterprise Growth Project (EGP), offers a holistic approach to supporting entrepreneurs. DBG and GEA, through the EGP, facilitate access to crucial Business Development Services, Market opportunities, and Finance resources. These combined efforts are geared towards fostering an environment conducive to growth, innovation, and economic prosperity.

At the heart of this partnership is a commitment to training up to 3200 Women-Led MSMEs across all 16 regions of Ghana. The comprehensive training program encompasses essential aspects of business management, including:

  1. Business Planning Process
  2. Financial Management
  3. Marketing Strategies, including Advertising, Promotion, and Effective Use of Social Media

The anticipated outcomes of this impactful endeavor are nothing short of remarkable. DBG and GEA envision a future where:

  1. 3200 Women MSMEs across all regions are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for business excellence.
  2. 1000 of these MSMEs are onboarded onto the GIFE Platform and certified on Sustainable Finance and Entrepreneurship (SFE).
  3. The creation of 1200 sustainable jobs to empower local communities.
  4. DBG’s mission to promote economic growth and sustainability is bolstered through an extended and diverse network.

In its initial phase, this transformative program focuses on training 1200 women-owned/led businesses operating in the agribusiness, manufacturing, and high-value sectors. These immersive training sessions will take the form of one-day workshops held across **30 districts** spanning six regions: Greater Accra, Central, Eastern, Western, Oti, and Volta Regions. Each workshop will host up to 40 participants, ensuring personalized attention and effective knowledge transfer.

The DBG and GEA partnership stands as a testament to their commitment to fostering inclusive economic growth, supporting women entrepreneurs, and driving lasting positive change in the Ghanaian business landscape.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of this remarkable initiative as it unfolds, empowering women-led MSMEs and fueling Ghana’s journey towards economic prosperity and sustainability.


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