Development Impact: We seek to provide growth capital to businesses with a proven business model, mission-aligned management teams, and the potential to generate wide-scale local development impact such as jobs, skill training, housing, etc at a scale necessary to make a difference. We follow international standards with relative value versus risk in our investment approach. Diversifying our investment portfolio across a broad range of developmental impact sectors in Ghana, and offering financial instruments that can support the entire capital structure underpins our investment approach. Our top priority while trying to achieve risk-adjusted financial returns is to ensure we are supporting communities’ change and growth. For DBG a successful investment is when underserved communities benefit from access to basic products and services, creating new jobs while protecting the environment.

Development Impact & Value Creation& Exits

During the due diligence process, we are sure to set the tone for our exit path before embarking on any investment. It is important for us to define the impact and value creation strategy, and the investment tools and way in which we want to exit the investment. At DBG we believe that exiting is as important as development goals and post-investment outcomes will be designed to drive impact & value creation initiatives. Constantly reviewing progress against strategy and action plans is important achieving our path to achieving our core mission to be Ghana’s leading provider of long-term finance in economically important sectors on a sustainable basis to achieve the economic transformation needed in the country.