Our Sector Focus

Through its partner financial institutions DBG will invest in or on-lend to companies operating in the Manufacturing Sector, Tech & Fintech,Education, Transportation, Heritage and Tourism, Transportation & Industrials, Agriculture, Leisure, Retail Services, ICT, FMCG, Healthcare & Insurance.

Agric Businesses

The agriculture sector in Ghana is underdeveloped and has huge potential with significant amount of arable land for commercial farming. However, the industry has underperformed with some of the lowest agriculture productivity despite abundant labor. DBG thus seeks to support companies in 3 main areas, companies providing inputs to the agricultural sector such as fertilizer, feed, seeds etc; companies engaged in the primary production such as horticulture, livestock and aquaculture; and lastly companies in processing of raw materials (fruits and vegetables and meat / poultry products etc..). Additionally, our goal is to support companies that strengthen the value chain for smallholder farmers, through fair trade and support for ethical brands that drive demand for sustainable and properly sourced food products, whichallow smallholder farmers to achieve higher prices and yields.


When we look at our school systems, there are significant number of communities that remain significantly under-served in Ghana. The demand for good quality education in Ghana is at an all-time high with the failure of the public educational systems to catch up with the demand. A high demonstrated willingness to pay for education and a fragmented and patchy provision of quality private education is what many people resort to today. DBG will invest in or lend to educational focused groups to build a revamp the public school’s system in Ghana. It is our developmental goal to position ourselves as the backbone of quality education for Ghana children.

Fast Moving Consumers Goods (FMCG)

The FMCG sector in Ghana benefits fully from macro-trends, local consumption, a moderate middle-class population growth, per capita income growth and improved regulation and fiscal policies. As a result of the strong fundamentals DBG seeks toconcentrateon supporting companies operating in the personal care, packaged food and beverages, processed and semi processed food industry. DBG through its financial institutions will tap into matured local companies with experience to grow and expand operations in Ghana.

Healthcare& Insurance

Ghana’s healthcare system is aging,  demand for services remain high, creating a  burden for the already fragile system. The sector lacks major development structurally from an infrastructure point, from a training viewpoint as well as from a practitioner point of view. Additionally, well-developed health insurance is just making a dent in the market, but  poor provider quality remains a barrier to many. The demand for quality healthcare and healthcare financing is vast and requires private sector participation. Thus, DBG will  focus on providing the much-needed financing tools to support companies in the industry to provide affordable quality care to Ghanaian. The support will be to companies in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution space as well as hospitals and diagnostic centers to support operations.

Retail Services

Development of formal retail in Ghanais happening aggressively locally but in a fragmented way. The emergence of small retail outlets still dominates the retail and distribution space. Given that expanded options available to consumers requires adequate distribution channels and continued urbanization DBG seeks to make a concerted effort to support distribution channels of retailers such as larger grocery stores, specialty stores, home furnishing retailers to reduce the carbon footprint of having multiple dispersed outlets, this focus is largely in line with our ESG goals.

Tech &Fintech

Technology is fast growing in every sector of the economy. We believe application of technology to traditional business models (e.g. online remittances, personal finance savings and loan, insurance etc..) support economic growth in Ghana. At DBG we seek to support companies that continue to develop new technologies that improve on the basic transaction ability of businesses and citizens in Ghana. DBG’s focus will help broaden the access to financial services and reduce our dependency on cash as a society. Companies that have tailored products in pensions, savings, investment, and insurance services that allow low-income individuals in to participate in the financial system will be focus entities for DBG’s investments and lending.


DBG supports the use of cutting-edge technology in operation of its manufacturing companies that we seek to support. DBG will continue to support companies that provide a viable import-substitution which results in technology transfer and development of human capital in Ghana. As a development finance institution, we believe this in turn will led to further advancement of local industries. Additionally, through partnership with local providers, knowledge transfer and know-how sharing will allow Ghana to build resilient manufacturing hubs for the future generation but also  act as a catalyst for technological advancement for our local manufacturing sector

Other Sectors

DBG will consider supporting companies in the following sectors on an opportunistic basis. Transportation, Heritage and Tourism, Transportation & Industrials, Leisure,  ICT