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Who We Serve

What makes us different

We are driven by our purpose to accelerate the transformation and growth of a competitive private sector, in an inclusive and sustainable manner that will grow our economy.

Participating Finance Institutions (PFIs)

We collaborate closely with PFIs (Participating Financial Institutions) to empower them in meeting the increasing demands to provide medium to long-term loans to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in a profitable manner.

Our approach combines concessionary funding provided to PFIs at competitive rates with comprehensive business development support and specialized solutions. These solutions are designed to assist PFIs in effectively managing risks and optimizing their operations. Some of the specific support measures we offer include:

  • Partial Credit Guarantees: We provide partial credit guarantees as a risk management tool, ensuring a level of protection for PFIs while enabling them to extend loans to SMEs with greater confidence.
  • Credit Bureau Development: We facilitate the development and implementation of credit bureaus, enhancing the availability and quality of credit information. This enables PFIs to make more informed lending decisions and better assess the creditworthiness of SMEs.
  • Finance & Data-Driven Platforms: We provide access to finance and data-driven platforms that enable PFIs to improve risk management practices. These platforms incorporate advanced analytics and sector-specific insights, empowering PFIs to make informed decisions and better understand the risks associated with various sectors.

By combining concessionary funding, business development support, and specialized solutions, we empower PFIs to effectively meet the financing needs of SMEs while managing risks more efficiently. Our collaborative efforts aim to drive sustainable growth, foster entrepreneurship, and strengthen the SME sector.


Our collaboration with stakeholders is the cornerstone of our approach. Together, we strive to facilitate capacity building, introduce new and specialized solutions, and implement innovative financial instruments. Additionally, we actively engage in advocating for a conducive business environment.

In pursuit of our mission, we work closely with the public sector, forging strong partnerships to unlock sectors that hold immense potential for transformation. By harnessing the power of these collaborations, we contribute significantly to Ghana’s economic advancement and drive sustainable growth.


We offer investors a platform for exponential impact by helping to optimise the levers of commercial and developmental returns through our network of strategic partnerships.